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Professional Services Solutions

Investing in new technology for your business can be an intimidating process. Not only is it critical that you select the best product with the required functionality to serve your organization, but you also need to install and integrate it with your existing environment. Additionally, you need to properly train your personnel and support it, as these are vital to the system’s acceptance and use within your organization.

What you really need is the right partner to assist you in this selection, design and implementation process. TechLine Communications is that partner. Our experienced staff ensures you have the right system for your needs, it is installed and integrated correctly, and your employees have been trained on its administration and use.

  • Consulting – We work with you from the beginning of your project to identify and design the appropriate solution for your organization’s needs. We have extensive experience with information and communication systems—accumulated over our nine years in business—which we can put to work on your particular business challenge.
  • Custom Development – TechLine Communications is skilled in creating a technical solution that will meet your specific needs. Whether it’s configuring and integrating an existing software package or creating a custom solution, we have the ability to develop a system that works for you.
  • Training – Our Technical Services Engineers have earned industry qualifications such as MCSE certification and are trained and certified on a wide range of products. We provide training for system administrators, help desk personnel, and end users. Since we are familiar with your system, we tailor our instruction to cover your particular configuration. And, because we are a local company, we can provide refresher training for new staff as needed.
  • Support – We understand your system and configuration from the inside out, so we are able to provide responsive and precise answers to your support and application development issues. You have the convenience of having one continuous point of contact for any technical issues or questions that arise.

By partnering with TechLine Communications for your communication and information management solutions, you gain the assurance that your system will be the right one for both your current and future needs.

TechLine Communications’ Professional Services provide:

  • Assistance identifying the right solution for your business challenge
  • Customization and integration that ensures your system is a complement to your existing infrastructure
  • Knowledgeable and friendly training, and responsive support
  • Dedicated focus on information and communication, ensuring capable and efficient technical assistance