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Information Capture Solutions

Capturing accurate information from customers, employees, and partners can be an expensive and overwhelming proposition. By automating the process, you can gather, store, and manage information and documents efficiently and cost effectively.

TechLine Communications is an expert at designing systems that gather new information from paper forms or via the Web, or that organize and manage an existing document database. We offer both custom and off-the-shelf solutions, ensuring that you receive the precise system for your needs.

  • Forms Processing – TechLine Communications works with you to identify the information your organization needs and creates forms, or replicates your existing forms, to capture this information—whether it is scanned, faxed, or entered through a Web interface.
  • Information Indexing – Whether your need is to gather new information or organize existing information, we can configure backend storage for maintenance and retrieval of this information. We create database schemas, and design and capture the appropriate indexing information so documents and information can be quickly accessed with simple queries—whether you are retrieving mainframe data, images, documents, voice files, or multiple file types at once.
  • Professional Services – Our experienced staff ensures that you have the right information capture system for your needs, that it’s installed and integrated correctly, and your employees are trained on its administration and use.

By gathering vital business information through TechLine Communications’ Information Capture Solutions, you are able to make better business decisions, and enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

Teleform (HP Autonomy)

TeleForm is a powerful, high volume information capture solution that is capable of processing thousands of paper forms per day with superior accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Relied upon by thousands of leading Global 2000 organizations, TeleForm has a proven reputation for ease-of-deployment, quick return-on-investment and low total cost-of-ownership.

TeleForm v10 expands upon fifteen years of proven excellence to offer the capability to capture unstructured as well as semi-structured data.

Whether you process loan applications or clinical information, simple forms or complex sets, TeleForm v10 provides an easy-to-use, scalable platform that equips your organization to capture data from most any source in a secure, dependable environment; and then to track, audit and search the process behind the form giving you maximum efficiency and ensuring compliance to organization and government regulation.

Streamlining Operations Through Automation

By replacing costly manual data entry with efficient paper-to-digital processing, TeleForm enables enterprises and government organizations to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

TeleForm’s automated information capture and processing capabilities also helps organizations respond to critical business data faster for increased competitive advantage.

  • Automatically capture and index any form or document type
  • Easily and rapidly fold information from paper into electronically-based workflows from both distributed and centralized locations
  • Embed intelligence within the form to navigate the business process
  • Enforce internal and external regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increase productivity across a disparate, global enterprise

Open Architecture Provides Superior Enterprise Interoperability

Built on an open architecture for maximum enterprise interoperability, TeleForm works seamlessly with production-level scanners, fax servers and the Internet to capture, verify, process and index data.

TeleForm’s superior connectivity enables it to automatically send clean data, documents and attachments to multiple archive and retrieval systems. Round-trip data flow and integration with other back office systems are made possible via a series of built-in and custom Connect Agents.

Key Advantages of TeleForm

  • Reduced Time and Costs – TeleForm can lower time and costs associated with data entry costs by up to 90% and overall processing time by 500%.
  • Increased Productivity – TeleForm virtually eliminates manual data entry, which frees up to staff for more important tasks.
  • Enhanced Data Accuracy – TeleForm automatically cleans and confirms data using business rules processing and database lookups.
  • Improved Data Availability – TeleForm immediately delivers completed forms and documents into back-end systems for instant storage and retrieval.
  • Superior Scalability – TeleForm easily integrates with existing applications and databases for expanded functionality and performance.
  • Exceptional Flexibility – TeleForm is the only solution that can manage paper and online forms and documents. eForm functionality is available via add-on module or integration with LiquidOffice.

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Abbyy OCR (optical character recognition) software creates editable and searchable electronic files from scanned paper documents, PDFs and digital photographs, retaining the original structure.

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