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Imaging and Document Management Solutions

Collecting, managing, and publishing the multitudes of documents, data, and general information maintained by any organization is an enormous task. However, it is critical that this information be available to customers, partners, and employees.

TechLine Communications can help you with this common business challenge. We are experts at designing, integrating, and installing imaging and document management systems that automate your information management and document access and distribution, so you can share your critical business information—everything from static mainframe reports to dynamic, customer-centric data.

  • Store and Manage – TechLine Communications works with you to identify the information you need and designs a system that will provide efficient access to that information. We also create supporting management and reporting tools for easy administration.
  • Legacy System Integration – TechLine Communications has extensive experience with a wide range of databases and legacy systems, and can map these systems to your document management system, centralizing your organization’s data. This unification provides new analysis potential, as well as the ability to publish new and legacy data together to destinations such as a company extranet or Internet site.
  • Professional Services – TechLine Communications’ experienced staff ensures that you have the imaging and document management system that meets your needs, that it’s installed and integrated correctly, and your employees have been trained on its administration and use.

By collecting, managing, and publishing vital business information with a TechLine Communications Image and Document Management Solution, you make information available to more individuals, enhancing your business communications and allowing you to make more informed decisions.


How OnBase Works

Discover How You Can Use OnBase

OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location. OnBase drives this content through your processes at the speed of light, working in conjunction with your other applications, and then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. Once your information is under control, your legal retention requirements are implemented automatically, giving you total visibility into the status of your processes, documents and information.

Building blocks for your solution

OnBase is one, unified product comprised of individual modular components. Think of these modules as building blocks. Used in combination, they create solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your department, enterprise and industry.

We have organized the vast capabilities of the OnBase product into the six main categories. Click below to learn what OnBase can do for your organization.

OnBase Capture


Capture your important documents and data into one secure system. Any file type, from any location, automatically classified.

OnBase Process


Revolutionize your processes by working electronically. Automate the predictable, repeatable parts of your processes and facilitate your case management requirements.

OnBase Access



Access your content easily, from anywhere. Use intuitive software in the office, or your mobile device while on the road. Work with your content while offline and improve customer service by extending access to your customers.

OnBase Integrate



Integrate OnBase with your other applications. Intelligently link the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other applications.

OnBase Measure



Monitor your process and system performance without involving IT. Easily produce reports, analyze the health of your processes and make better decisions.

OnBase Store


Securely store, protect and destroy your content. Control access, benefit from on-line redundancy and automate your records management policies.

More information about OnBase >.