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How TechLine Communications can help your organization

Our complete portfolio of information and communication management solutions automates workflow, speeds communication both internally and externally, and increases your access to information. These business solutions help you serve your customers better and reduce staff time spent on repetitive tasks, freeing them for more productive activities.

Word Flow

  • Wireless access to your email, groupware, CRM, ERP, databases, and other applications allows mobile employees to be more productive and responsive, and to make intelligent business decisions—regardless of location.
  • Messaging eases communications using fax and voice technologies integrated with your email server to create a single communications infrastructure with greatly expanded functionality.
  • Information Capture gathers data and complete documents through form or Web interfaces, and provides automated indexing of electronic documents that enables you to quickly access vital business information.
  • Image and Document Management gives you access, process control, and management of your company’s information, automating tasks and streamlining your workflow.
  • Professional Services with TechLine Communications’ experienced staff ensures that you have the right system for your needs, that it is installed and integrated correctly, and your employees have been trained on its administration and use.

TechLine Communications provides:

  • Experienced consulting services
  • Complete systems to solve your business challenges
  • Expert system selection, customization, and implementation
  • Knowledgeable and friendly training, and responsive support
  • Dedicated focus on a product suite, ensuring expert technical assistance